Eyewitness News 7 (1980)


Local news story from 1980 investigating the on-screen violence of the film MANIAC. Take a look back into the world of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS. When VHS was king and your worst nightmares were as close as the local video store!


(3 min)


Original broadcast copyright © 1980 Eyewitness News 7.



WJKW-TV8 (1984)


A local news segment from 1984 looking at the booming business of the home VCR in America.


(7 min)



Original broadcast copyright © 1984 WJKW-TV8.



CBS 6 News (1986)


A local news segmentfrom 1986 asking the question "Is the VCR just a fad? Or is it here to stay?" Enter the world of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS, when VHS was king and video stores were everywhere!


(2 min)



Original broadcast copyright © 1986 CBS 6 News.


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